About 17 Day Diet


Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17-Day Diet is based on the premise weight gain is the result of not only overeating and poor food choices, but also the metabolism of the body accommodating to repetitive intake of the same types of food at routine times of day. This new diet plan purports to end the “metabolic confusion” of the body by prescribing a 17-day diet of a variety of foods in meals scheduled at varied times of day. The basis of the choice of 17 days for this diet plan is the hypothesis the body adjusts its metabolism and cleanses itself on a 17-day cycle by using Athletic Greens .

17 Day Diet Plan And Goal

The seventeen days of the diet plan are divided into four phases or cycles. Reviews of Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17-Day Diet attribute the success of the people who have used this new diet plan to the short length of the cycles as well as the 17-day diet period. These relatively short periods of time mean dieters have easily reached benchmarks to act as a motivation by the use of positive reinforcement. The four cycles of Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17-Day Diet are as below:

  • Accelerate Cycle: This goal of the part of the diet plan is to encourage the body to shed pounds quickly by increasing the rate the body cleanses itself and burns fat.
  • Activate Cycle: The purpose of this segment of this new diet is to modify the metabolism of the body.
  • Achieve Cycle: The focus of this phase of the 17 day diet is for the dieter to reteach themselves how to consume good complex carbohydrates through positive eating habits.
  • Arrival cycle: This last phase guides the user in the integration of all the skills learned in the first three phases of this diet plan. During this time, the dieter is also encouraged to celebrate their success.

The objectives of this diet plan are to alter the proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats consumed during the day.  This alternation appears to enhance the ability of the body to burn fat and to increase the metabolic rhythm of the body. People who use Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17-Day Diet plan report they learn how to control the portions of the food they eat and recognize the signs of hunger. Additionally, the users of the 17-day plan report they are able to eat a wide variety of food and they enjoy be able to treat themselves on the weekend with a beer or glass of wine. They deny they feel deprived or persistent hungry while following the regime of this new diet.

The Diet Regime

The heart of the Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17-Day Diet is the premise of “clean eating” by eliminating refined sugar and highly processed food from one’s diet. The guidelines for clean eating as defined by this diet plan are as follows:

* Avoid eating foods containing refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup;
* Do make healthy choices in planning meals and in portions of the foods served in meals;
* Eliminate the consumption of alcoholic beverages;
* Avoid eating highly processed (junk) foods;
* Increase the amount of water one consumes on a daily basis;
* Focus on increasing the amount of natural and organic foods in planning daily menus.

Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17-Day Diet plan prescribes an exercise regime as part of this innovative weight loss program. People who have health concerns are encouraged to consult with their primary care physician prior to undertaking this diet plan. The 17-Day Diet website has videos produced by Dr. Moreno addressing questions about the concerns of users of this new diet who have health issues

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